PLEASE NOTE:  WE ARE IN THE PROCESS OF MOVING OUR STORE TO ESTY.COM.  Click HERE to go directly to our Esty Store: HaitianSisalCrafts.  So far, we have moved only our baskets to Esty.  We will update this announcement when our move is complete.  Thanks!


Welcome to CPCS's online store.  Every product available here (unless otherwise specified) is made using all natural sisal.  This biodegradable plant fiber is strong and easily maintained.  The products in this store are hand made and all proceeds are returned to the cooperative owned and operated by Haitian farmers and artisans.  When you buy one of our products, you not only receive a beautiful quality product, but you are helping some of the poorest people on earth to have jobs so they can feed their families and educate their children.  Have fun shopping in this unique store. 

At this time, all payments are processed through PayPal.  It is a safe, secure way to shop and protect all your financial information and it is free for buyers.  You do not have to be a PayPal customer to use your credit card.  Just click on the "Pay using Debit/Credit Card" link at the bottom of the PayPal page after you are re-directed to PayPal. Our sister charity receives our payments and forwards them to us periodically.  Expect to see references to Josephine and Winfred Brendle Scholarship Fund on the PayPal site and on your transactions recipts.

Please note, all items are ONE OF A KIND.  Therefore, availability for each item is one.  If you would like to order multiples of an item, contact to request information on delivery time for special order items.  Since items are hand made, they will be similar, but not exactly the same.

All prices exclude taxes (Ex. Tax).  We use USPS Priority Mail to ship.  A flat fee for shipping is assigned to each item depending on its size and weight.  The shipping cost is shown in the shopping cart.  All sales revenues return to the cooperative for distribution as explained in the "CPCS Opens Online Store" article on the home page.