Cell Phone Carriers/Purses

Cell Phone Carriers/Purses

Looking for a stylish, unique way to tote your cell phone?

Cell phone carrier/purse, orange & cream

Woven from natural sisal fiber, this small purse may be used as a cell phone carrier or for other small personal items

$15.25 Ex Tax: $15.25

Cell phone carrier/purse, yellow & brown

Bright yellow sisal purse/carrier with contrasting dark brown accent circle and border. Twisted sisal strap.

$11.45 Ex Tax: $11.45

Natural Plant Leaf Cell Phone Carrier

Round purse/cell phone carrier, woven from natural leaf fiber, 6.5 inches in diameter with twisted sisal cord strap

$7.65 Ex Tax: $7.65

Flip Phone Carrier

Small carrier, bright pink, with twisted sisal strap can hang from neck or shoulder. Back side is orange rendering accessory in two distinct colors.

$7.65 Ex Tax: $7.65

Flip Phone Carrier with belt loop

This hand-woven sisal flip phone carrier is masculine in appearance, being a rich brown color and designed to attach to a belt.

$7.65 Ex Tax: $7.65